New sensation sweets from Yokohama

What I want to convey is the “freshly baked feeling”
and “The ultimate sense of luxury that can be eaten with one hand.”

A rich taste that makes you wonder if it's okay to have such a luxury.
Here you can enjoy the ultimate luxury that you can eat with one hand.
Inside the crispy Baumkuchen,
Cheese in the Baum contains a mellow baked cheesecake with a hint of lemon sourness.
Baum carefully, one by one,
It is finished by hand.

Cheese in the Baum

Pour the cheese dough into the Baumkuchen cavity,
A unique, slow-cooked dish.
The crispy Baumkuchen and the mellow-tasting baked cheesecake with the refreshing sourness of lemon go perfectly together.


custard in the baum

The crispy texture of the twice-baked Baumkuchen and the fluffy texture of the custard cream are preserved, while the bottom is filled with sweet and sour apples.
The combination of sweetness, sourness, and the final touch of caramelization creates a very luxurious dish.


Seasonal Cheese in the Baum

Seasonal flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, matcha, Earl Gray, and sweet potato.
*Currently, we are selling "Chocolat".

  • Leave as is without thawing

    Enjoy frozen Baumkuchen and cheesecake that tastes just like ice cream.

  • At room temperature

    When thawed at room temperature for about 1 to 2 hours, Cheese in the Baum returns to its original softness and rich aroma.
    Enjoy the marriage of fluffy Baumkuchen and rich baked cheesecake.

  • Warm it up

    After thawing it at room temperature for about 1 to 2 hours,
    Warm it up in the toaster for about 3 minutes,
    In addition to the fragrant aroma,
    You can enjoy the crispiness of Baumkuchen and the softness of cheesecake.