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Cheese in the Baum (3 types a la carte) -6 pieces-

Cheese in the Baum (3 types a la carte) -6 pieces-

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This is a box containing 3 types of Cheese in the Baum.

[Product contents]
・Cheese in the Baum (plain): 2 pieces ・Cheese in the Baum (custard): 2 pieces ・Cheese in the Baum (*seasonal): 2 pieces *Currently called "chocolat".

[About THE BAUM]
A new type of sweets from Yokohama that we want to convey is the feeling of freshly baked food and the ultimate sense of luxury that can be eaten with one hand.
A display full of immersion that makes it look like it was just baked in the kitchen,
A rich taste that makes you wonder if it's okay to have such a luxury.
Here you can enjoy the ultimate luxury that you can eat with one hand.
Cheese in the Baum is a crispy Baumkuchen with a mellow baked cheesecake flavored with lemon sourness.
Baum is carefully finished one by one by hand.

【Product introduction】
Cheese in the Baum (plain)
Pour the cheese dough into the Baumkuchen cavity,
A unique, slow-cooked dish.

Crispy Baumkuchen and
The mellow taste of baked cheesecake with the refreshing sourness of lemon is a perfect match.

Cheese in the Baum (Custard)
The crispness of twice-baked Baumkuchen,
While maintaining the fluffy texture of custard cream,
I added a sweet and sour apple to the bottom.
Sweetness, sourness, and the final touch of caramelization add a touch of bitterness.
This is a very luxurious item.

■Cheese in the Baum (chocolat)
Chocolat Baum is characterized by its luxurious sweetness and bitterness.
Please enjoy the deliciousness that spreads in your mouth.

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