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Cheese in the Baum (Custard) -6 pieces-

Cheese in the Baum (Custard) -6 pieces-

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This is a 6-piece box of Cheese in Baum (custard).

[Product contents]
・Cheese in the Baum (Custard): 6 pieces

[About THE BAUM]
New sensation sweets from Yokohama
What we want to convey is the feeling of freshly baked food and the ultimate luxurious feeling that can be eaten with one hand.
A display full of immersion that makes it look like it was just baked in the kitchen,
A rich taste that makes you wonder if it's okay to have such a luxury.
Here you can enjoy the ultimate luxury that you can eat with one hand.
Cheese in the Baum is a crispy Baumkuchen with a mellow baked cheesecake flavored with lemon sourness.
Baum is carefully finished one by one by hand.

【Product introduction】
Cheese in the Baum (Custard)
The crispness of twice-baked Baumkuchen,
While maintaining the fluffy texture of custard cream,
I added a sweet and sour apple to the bottom.
Sweetness, sourness, and the final touch of caramelization add a touch of bitterness.
This is a very luxurious item.

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